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"What I could not make happen on my own, God will make happen for me. Claiming."
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HURRICANE - Jimmy Needham

It’s been almost two weeks now that I had this last song syndrome playing inside my head everywhere I go. Been hitting the replay button for the nth time. 

I heard this song for the first time, when me and my friends attended an Acoustic Worship Night at CCF last April 9, lead by the American contemporary Christian musician known by his own message to boot and musical style to share God’s message. He is Jimmy Needham. 

And this song was one of my favorite. The message of the song was deep. Deep as the love of God for us. Listening to this song made me realize that sometimes, we need to be shaken. I realized that following Him will take a lot of shakings in our lives. He wanted to shake us to shake off the unwanted walls that hinder us from coming to Him. 

"I am Yours and You are mine 

You know far better than I 

And if destruction’s what I need 

Then I’ll receive it Lord from Thee”

Eto yung mahirap eh, gusto natin Siya i follow. We are claiming that we know Him pero mga will pa rin natin yung nasusunod. Mas gusto natin na one way lang papunta sa mga bagay na gusto natin marating. Pero iba si Lord. Sabi Niya diba, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.” ~ Luke 9:23. At madalas ayaw natin yung Cross. Kasi mahirap, mabigat, nakakapagod. Yung cross na minsan Niyang pinasan para sakin at para sayo para maging maayos ang buhay natin. And na realize ko lang, na kahit Siya tinanggap Niya yung destruction na yun sa buhay Niya kasi in the end there is a reward. ~ Philippians 3:14  

He set His eyes on the goal to win the prize which God has prepared for us. Madalas kasi satin, gusto yung prize pero ayaw ng sacrifice. 

"And it’s Your eye in the storm 

Watching over me 

And it’s Your eye in the storm 

Wanting only good for me 

And if You are the war 

Let me be the casualty 

'Til I'm Yours alone”

And I realized that we needed God to intervene in our lives. We need destruction of the bad things , bad habits in our lives. It reminds me of how much i need the Lord in my life through the good and bad. Sometimes we don’t even realize we are pushing Him away from us, until it seems like He abandoned us but the whole time our Savior was carrying us.

There may be a failure or disaster we are experiencing but there is always hope and the promise of resurrection. Sometimes our prayer should be "God break me and destroy the old me to make a new me in You!" 

PS: Babasagin ka talaga ni Lord, para Siya yung maging kabuuan ng pagkato mo.

Monday, April 14, 2014
When you step out of your comfort zone, God will take you to the place where you belong. (: 

When you step out of your comfort zone, God will take you to the place where you belong. (: 

Sunday, April 13, 2014


The story is told about a policeman who flagged down a driver for a traffic violation. The policeman said: “You mad a U turn. Did you not see the ‘no U turn’ sign?” The driver scratched his head and said: “I saw it, sir. I did not see you!”

Why do we not see the Lord? What makes us not see the…


Father, alam ko nakikinig ka. Alam ko nababasa mo bawat tipa ng letra galing sa puso ko. Alam mo lahat bago ko pa sabihin ito. Alam ko na alam mo yung pinagdadasal ko ngayon. Ang dami ko pong hiling no? Ang dami kong concern, minsan nga nakakalimutan na kita sa kakaisip ko sa mga bagay na yun. Patawad Panginoon, dahil kahit alam ko na mahal Mo ako, araw-araw pa rin kitang nasasaktan. Kahit na sinasabi kong mahal Kita, parang iba pa rin yung tinatahan kong daan sa paraang gusto Mo. 

Ang hirap po pala. At alam ko nakikita mo na nahihirapan ako. Kasi sarili kong lakas yung ginagamit ko para gamitin na sa tingin ko ay tama para gawin ang tama. Mali pala yun. Mas malaki yung chance na bumagsak, palpak. Mahirap pala. Tama ngang mabigat yung krus na papasanin sa pagsunod ko sayo. 

Pero Panginoon, hindi po ako nagrereklamo o nagsisisi. Alam ko parte lahat ng yun para mag-alab pa yung faith ko sayo. Na kahit gaano ako kahina, na kahit gaano ako ka palpak, nandyan ka para tulungan akong tumayo. Hindi ka magsasawang sabihin at ipaalala sakin na MAHAL mo ako. Na mas malaki yung pagmamahal Mo sakin kahit ilang beses na binigo Kita. 

Father, I pray more than anything else that you’ll going to strip off the things that hinders my relationship to You. Things that seems so good for me but doesn’t last cause only Your love is endless. I pray that You’ll gonna teach me how to put my faith into actions. I know that’s going to be hard. But if that’s Your will, I’ll receive it, even it leads to destruction and pain.

My relationship to You matters most than anything else.

~Love, JK

"We lose ourselves in the things we love. Material obsession is nothing. At the end of the day, your relationship with, Family, Friends, and with God matters most more than anything."
Thursday, April 10, 2014

Acoustic Worship Night

Good thing that it was my off today so I had the chance to have a break and enjoy the night with my good friends, good music filled with love by Jimmy Needham at CCF Main Hall

After the concert, my heart is filled with love again. It was refreshing to hear good vibes song that reminds me how I am loved, that someone really cares for, someone who will convict me when I am wrong and if needed. I am moved how God moves in his own way to deal with me. 

Today, I have better vision to have a better version of myself. Indeed a blessed night. :) Btw, thanks to Mr. Nobleza for the VIP ticket access.



Wednesday, April 9, 2014
"Since I have invested My very Life in you, be well assured that I will also take care of you. You are Mine for all time; nothing can separate you from My Love."
"Yung unlimited text, call at internet mo, mae-expire din yan. Pero ang love ni Lord sayo, di mauubos, di mae-expire."
Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kapag dumating ang oras na pinagdududahan mo na ang sarili mo sa mga bagay na kaya mong gawin at sa mga bagay na ipinagdasal mo, dyan ka na magsisimulang lumagapak. Diyan ka magsisimulang sumuko sa mga darating pang pagsubok na mararanasan mo. Diyan ka magsisimulang tumigil at manatili na lang sa pwesto mo ngayon, kumbaga di ka na susubok ng bago.

Kaya hangga’t maaari, lapit lang sa Panginoon at magdasal. Sabihin mo sa sarili mo na kaya mo yan, kaya ng Panginoon yan. Iba naman ang kayabangan sa pagiging confident diba? Dapat kahit papano, puriin mo ang sarili mo para ganahan ka pang tapusin ang mga bagay na sinimulan mo. Huwag kang magduda. Subukan mo muna.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Our Love Story

I can still remember kung paano nag-start yung love story natin Lord. And every time na nireremind mo ako, sobra yung kilig. Sobrang thank You, kasi di Ka nagsasawa. Your love stays the same, yesterday, today and forever. :) 

Dear Father, 

Sobra sa pagdadala sakin sa lugar na nagpapa-alaala sakin kung gaano Mo ako kamahal. Kung gaano Mo ako gusto makasama. Madalas makulit po talaga ako. Madalas hindi po kita sinusunod. Madalas nasasaktan kita. Araw-araw. Pero hindi Ka nagsasawa na sabihin sakin na mahal na mahal Mo ako. I just can’t describe the love that You have for me. Salamat sa pagdidisiplina. Alam ko ginagawa Mo yun, kasi gusto mo ako matuto. Kasi kilala Mo na ako. Inilalayo Mo ako sa mga bagay na pwede makasakit sakin at kung minsan pa nga ako yung lumalapit dun. 

Minsan iniisip ko, paano ba? Paano ko ba maibabalik lahat. Pero wala, wala akong maisip. Kasi hindi ko pantayan yung pagmamahal na meron Ka para sakin. Salamat kasi alam ko na nandyan Ka lang para sakin. Nandyan lang yung mga bagay na inihanda Mo para sakin. Lahat ready na eh, wala nako dapat ipagalala. 

Father, help me. Help me to follow You. Cleanse my heart once again. Turuan Mo pa po ako na maging masunurin. Help me to love like You. I admit that I can’t do it alone but with Your presence in me, I know I can handle everything for You are my strength. Papag-alabin Mo po ulit yung fire dito sa puso ko. Na mabuhay po ako sa pananampalataya, na Sayo po ako titingin in times of distraction, in times of darkness, in need and in tough times.

Salamat Father. 

~Prince JK

Tuesday, March 25, 2014
"But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds, declares the Lord - Jeremiah 30:17"
Thank You Father for Your promises.

Career Move. Forward.

I’ve been struggling with this disease since when I was a baby. My mom told me that hospital used to be our house for almost a month because of my bronchial asthma. 

And up until now, I’m really having a hard time dealing with this life-long disease cause It greatly affects my performance and productivity at work. Most of the time in the office, I am always rushed to the clinic due to chronic asthma attacks. 

This causes me depression and stress. I cannot work and I cannot focus. The demand of our job is big time. You have to focus not just on being good to your work, but the job sees you based on your numbers. And most of the time, It is killing me. 

I can remember the time, when I was desperately asking for a job. I prayed that God will gonna bless me with a work wherein I can excel, I will be paid off well and to be an instrument to be a blessings to others especially to my family. I even asked God that It is okay na maliit lang yung sweldo basta Saturday and Sunday yung off kasi gusto ko may time talaga ako para sakanya. But God exceeded to my expectations. As in, Sobra.  This job has helped me a lot. I learned a lot of new things and I was able to discover my hidden potentials. 

But then, God really doesn’t stop to fill my excitement. I believe God is using this disease because He wants a career move. Just first week of March I submitted a letter of request asking for a shift change of schedule since, this chronic asthma attacks has been an issue for me that really affects my performance. Up until now I haven’t got any updates and results aside from “It is not a guarantee”.

And this lead me to a decision to move forward. I believe God has stored a lot for me. If they can’t help me with my resolution, I think this is the time where I should take step to help my self and be bold enough to take protect myself. 

I pray that God will direct me to the place where He wants me to be. To a place where I can excel because His face is shining towards me. I pray that God will bring me to the place where people will care about me. This is all my prayers. And let His will be done, not mine. 

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